$150 a night (2-night minimum)   The package that your frugal side will cheer about! Our most economical option, you can fit 6-8 guests on adult sized sleeping bags/sleeping pads for two (2) nights at one low price. You still get the full-service set-up/tear down, tent, exterior floor rug, and fairy lights, but it does NOT include any additional furnishings. Ready to reserve? Additional nights can be added at a discounted rate.

16 Ft Bell Tent):

First two nights is $300. Extend your stay for $125 the 3rd night and $75 per additional night!  

20 Ft Bell Tent:

First two nights is $400. Extend your stay for $175 the 3rd night and $100 per additional night!


*Delivery and set-up fees are included up to 30 miles (Brooklyn, WI). See below for more information on delivery charges. Packages may require a deposit to be placed. Add-on packages are charged once throughout your stay.

Delivery Charge:

$00 for 0-30 miles (Brooklyn, WI)
$25 for 31-40 minutes/miles
$50 for 41-50 minutes/miles
$75 for 51-60 minutes/miles
$100 for 61-70 minutes/miles

Campsite Delivery: There is a 2 night minimum. Inquire early with Camp & Glamp and State Park/Campground to ensure availability! Glamper is responsible for securing campground reservations, agreeing to the campground’s terms & communicating date(s) with Camp & Glamp prior to reserving the site and our services. Campsite prices may vary/change. Options are subject to Camp & Glamp and State Park/Campground availability. Date(s) are not guaranteed. Some sites are No Power/water.

*Inventory/Add Ons may vary based off availability.

Included in Your Minimalist experience:

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Reach out to us directly and we would be happy to accommodate. Anniversary, birthday, graduation, relative coming to town, or just wanting to try something new — we can create the right package for you!

(608) 843-2313


We are 100% dog-friendly! There is a max of 2 dogs/tent and they must be well-behaved and never left inside or at the campsite alone for ANY PERIOD OF TIME. While we don’t personally charge a pet fee, some campgrounds and landowners do so please let us know prior to booking if you are bringing any furry friends so we can place you appropriately.

We understand that not everyone likes dogs or might be allergic to dogs. That’s why we set aside tents specifically for you, pet-free tents are available. If you are requesting a pet-free tent, please add this in the comments section of the form.