Nichie + Zeke

Hi! We’re N + Z, the adventurous beings behind this full-service glamping experience. We live an adventurous lifestyle, exploring wild places and experiencing unique excursions. We ultimately want people to be able to see and experience all that is available to them when traveling around the country.

We love the outdoors! Over the last 7 years, we have taken on some serious expeditions. Whether we’re scrambling through Rocky National Park, scaling along the shores of the Great Lakes, hiking miles into the Adirondack Mountains to find that perfect waterfall, or descending the icy, snowy rim of the Grand Canyon, we always find a way to make each experience more memorable.

Our social media accounts are filled with pictures of places we enjoyed along our way. We noticed one common thread – that our friends, family and followers love to see the great outdoors and want to be there with us. They want to know how to prepare for an adventure and what gear to bring. With Camp & Glamp Adventures, we take that all away.

Our mission is to provide luxurious glamping experiences through a variety of adventure packages while leaving you with an unforgettable memory that you didn’t have to lift a finger for!

We share our years of experience — from hikes with guides, to our first HipCamp find, to our cross-country road trip, and our adventurouse backpacking trips around the country, and combine them into one clean, fun, exciting, instagrammable experience with you! Let us handle everything from delivery and setup, to tear down and clean up, you won’t even have to lift a finger! You will be left with an upscale glamping experience where you can show all of your friends and family that you too have a little wild side in you!

We can’t wait to share this summer and fall with you and your families!

– Nichie & Zeke